Introduction of B.V. Kustvaartbedrijf Moerman.

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Since 2005 the company is working independent again. That's why our housestyle has been renewed.
Renewed? Well, those people who are following our company for more years would say that the style is not new at all. Actually they are right.
The company is back with her former well known logo but with the same experienced and enthousiastic staff as before.

Kustvaartbedrijf Moerman is offering all management services for the modern
shipowner who is looking for a high service level for his vessels and who likes to have the freedom to choose his own partner where it comes to chartering.
We invite all shipowners who are looking for an independent manager to get in contact with us.

The team of
BV Kustvaartbedrijf Moerman.

mv Lieke Curacao

Foto: © Kees Bustraan

MV Lieke see at Curacao 07/07/2011 for bunkering

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